International Students should consider the financial cost of being a student at our school. See below for an outline of expected costs.

Prior to beginning the visa application process, International students are required to transfer money to a school bank account for possible medical expenses, legal fees for the extension of their visa, and return airfares (Canadian students are exempt). The amount varies depending on whether you are coming as an individual, a couple, or as a family with children (See the table below for the exact amount). EI School of Biblical Training will not begin the visa process with a prospective international student until the funds are received. Funds will be returned to the student if he/she is unable to come.

Funds Held by School

Funds in US Dollars
Medical Expenses Individual $ 250
Medical Expenses Couples and Families $ 500
Legal Fees (Ext. of Visa) $ 300
Return Airfare (Students are responsible to pay any portion

of their return airfare that exceeds the deposited amount)

$ 500/ person
Total Individual $ 1,050
Total Couple (without children) $ 1,800
Total Family with two children $ 2,800

Once you have made the deposit to the school bank account, we will begin your visa application process. The costs for the visa application are detailed below.

Visa Application Fees

SEVIS 901 fee $200
Embassy Interview fee $100-200 (per person) (Canadian students do not pay this fee)

Once an international student has arrived on campus, he/she must be prepared to pay all school fees as well as living expenses including all medical expenses.

School Fees and Personal Expenses

Tuition & Room and Board depends on scholarship (click here for costs)
Room Deposit $100 (individual) $150 (family)
Book Fees $ 200-250
Living expenses (toiletries, gas money, snacks, etc…) Not Available
Medical Expenses Not Available
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