Prayer Partner Letter

June 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

God is faithful. When I first became an EI student, I had a strong conviction that God was calling me to a life in which the Living One could prove that He was indeed alive and active. I thought He was calling me to some sort of unique experience; but, of course, that is what He wants to do in each of our lives. One of the key areas in which this occurs is in answered prayer.

We have asked you to pray for a rich work of the Spirit of God among young people in the church. I believe we are seeing the first evidences of this happening. We have seen it in the young people who came to the Daniel 1:8 seminar last fall. We have seen it in the increased intensity among the students. And we are seeing it once again in our youth conference this summer. This week (June 18-24), we have a full house with 113 campers in attendance. The Lord is stirring up hearts. Please pray that the Lord will use our time with these kids to answer our prayers for whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ.

Please pray also for the Summer Conference. We want to buy up every opportunity for ministry. Pray for a vital work of the Spirit within our guests.

The students for next year need our prayers this summer. First of all, pray that all who should be here for studies will know God is setting them aside for this purpose. Pray that those who have committed to come will not be turned aside. And finally, pray that the Lord will help the international students go through the rigorous process of obtaining visas and making arrangements to enter the States.

Finally and more pragmatically, pray for the work on the men’s dorm. This dorm was built in 1972. Little has been done besides paint and carpet to update these rooms. Two suites have now been completely remodeled, but four more suites remain to be readied for the beginning of school in August. Pray for every kind of provision needed for this task.

Thank you again for standing with us. May the Lord keep you in the peace of His kingdom as you serve Him and anticipate His return.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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