Prayer Partner Letter

January 2018

Dear Prayer Partners,

One of our most important ministries is to share with one another the great things the Lord has done. Thanksgiving is offered as we recount among ourselves His great works. It is now fifty years since the land was purchased on which EI sits. In the early years, with all their uncertainties and hard work to establish this ministry, Mr. Carroll would often say, “Our future is as bright as the promises of God.” God is faithful. As we begin a new year, we have a campus filled with young people who have a desire to follow Jesus Christ, their Lord. This is God’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. We are here because our Father has prospered our way. Pray that the heart of every staff member will be filled daily with thanksgiving and praise.

We would ask you to focus your faith through prayer for students this month.

First, pray for the Lord to move on the hearts of young people to study next year. We have already begun to receive applications. These next few months are crucial times of decision for prospective students. Pray for the Lord’s control in their lives.

Secondly, and in a greater sense, we would ask you to pray for the young people currently studying. Our Father is the God of the immediate present. It is a common mistake to be so caught up in what comes next that we fail to walk by faith with the living God, trusting for what is before us now. The winter studies hold great potential. First-year students are in the heart of Romans. Second-year students are working over the deep, wonderful truths of Ephesians. I do not think that it is an overstatement to say that the truths of these two books form the foundation for all vital Christian living. Pray for our students that the Spirit of God will open these epistles to them during the cold months of winter when distractions are limited. Pray that they will have spiritual insight to understand and spiritual strength to appropriate. Pray that the Lord will do such a work that this group will still be living to love and please the Lord in everything fifty years from now, should He tarry.

Thank you again for standing with us. May the Lord increase your faith and deepen your experience of His unfailing love in the coming year. May you know the fullness of His Spirit in every dimension of your lives.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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