Republishing the Life and Legacy of Tom Walton

Recently, we obtained a copy of the 1958 book, Life and Legacy of Tom Walton. Although long out of print, its message is relevant today. It presents the impact of one nineteen year old’s life, who was fully committed to the worship of Jesus Christ. As many of you know, the moving testimony of Tom Walton's “lostness in worship” is found at the end of Joseph Carroll's book, How to Worship Jesus Christ. It is our desire to reprint this extensive account of Tom’s life, testimony, and legacy, which includes inspiring an insightful quotes from his diary and letters. Pray also that it will be used to impact many in the next generation to become worshipers of Jesus Christ.
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Excerpt from the Preface

L/Cpl. Tom Walton, M.M.
7th Div., A.I.F.
Killed in Action, Borneo, July 6th, 1945.

Brave and hero-hearted,
Young, and strong, and free;
By war from loved ones parted,
Yet loving loyally.
A saint and soldier blended,
A man of God was he;
A Christian rare and splendid,
Whose boast was Calvary.

Brave and lion-hearted,
This knight of chivalry,
From battle-field departed
To heavenly company.
With spirit all-courageous
He faced the galling fire;
Then heard the Voice of Ages,
"My son, come up higher!"

Ah, Tom, the pure-hearted;
Thou child of Calvary,
Thy pleasures now have started
For all Eternity.
Thine earthly warfare ended,
Thy triumph now begun;
For thee the Vision Splendid,
And Jesus Christ's, "Well done!"

John G. Ridley

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